Ampeg Heritage SVT-CL
Ampeg Heritage SVT-CL

Heritage SVT-CL, Testata amplificatore per basso from Ampeg in the Heritage series.

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moosers 07/02/2011

Ampeg Heritage SVT-CL : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Ampeg SVT-CL Classic is a tube bass guitar amplifier head that's suitable for use in the studio or on the stage. My experience with the amp head has only been inside the studio, which is probably the best place to check out an amplifier anyway. The amp has two 12AX7 preamp tubes and a 300 watt output. It's got two 1/4" inputs in the front (high and low) as well as speaker outputs in the back in both Speakon and 1/4" form. It's also got 1/4" connections for a slave out, preamp out, and power amp in. It also has a balanced XLR output connection for going direct. You're definitely not lacking in options here...


The make up of the Ampeg SVT-CL Classic isn't hard to understand and at the same time there's a ton of control possible over your sound. For setting controls, you've got knobs for gain, bass, midrange (with add frequency control), treble, and master. It also has buttons for both a high and low boost, which can certainly come in handy. I haven't seen a manual for the SVT-CL Classic.


The Ampeg SVT-CL Classic is definitely up there with the best sound bass amplifier heads I've heard. It's really kind of impossible to go wrong here as this amp has pretty much everything you could ask for. In addition to be tube based, it's got all the modern amenities you'd want in terms of routing options and a healthy amount of parameters as well. The session I recently used this head on was for a punk band and the sound of the amp definitely worked well with the bass player's P-Bass. It's a really full sound and will undoubtedly work well for any genre of music.


It doesn't get much better than the Ampeg SVT-CL Classic when it comes to bass amp heads. Of course it's going to cost you a pretty penny but if you're a pro or semi-pro it's going to be worth investing in something that sounds this good and in something that will last a long time like this should. If you're interested in a top of line bass amp head, the SVT-CL Classic is a fine choice!