Yamaha PSR-E423
Yamaha PSR-E423

PSR-E423, Tastiera arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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BeyondR 04/01/2013

Yamaha PSR-E423 : Recensione di BeyondR (content in English)


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Yamaha PSR-E423 is a an inexpensive portable synthesized keyboard that has 5 octaves offers much more than other keyboards in the same price range.
It has plenty of effects and features that allow the player to create different arppegios , effects , riffs and runs.


The editing and configuration is extremely easy and fast to use which I enjoyed so much to get out of my comfort zone and create something little bit more out of the ordinary.


What I like most about it is that not many of the low budget synths out there offer USB connectivity and flash memory. That is a great addition to its features, giving you the ability of installing additional voices other than the stock ones. But it comes with some great pre-installed voices, so you won't be in a rush to download and install new ones.
The price and quality balance is great however , what holded this keyboard a little behind others of the same price, is the number of keys. This keyboard has only 61 keys, it is great for learning how to play. But if you're a more experienced player, you might not see past this 'flaw'. That's why some potential buyers can avoid this piano and buy one with 76 notes (but it may not have the same tone quality like this one).
This model is recommend if you pursuit more authentic built in tones, but don't mind the keyboard range.
I think it is satisfactory for all beginner-intermediate players, as it also includes a pitch bend wheel, quality stock voices (with the possibility of upgrading them), built in chord library and lessons and recording on flash storage.

Knowing what I know , I would buy this product again and again , I like how great it sounds , I like how advanced yet simple it seems.