Technics SX-K200
Technics SX-K200

SX-K200, Tastiera arranger from Technics.

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sukamara8 26/11/2013

Technics SX-K200 : Recensione di sukamara8 (content in English)

"Awesome oldie!"

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from 1981 or so...

4 octaves, full size keys

RCA out, DC in, AC in

polysection, 8 sounds
monosection, 6 sounds, analogue synthesis (filter cutoff and lfo speed potentiometers moddable-friendly)

rhythm/chord section pretty interesting, hi-hats are analogue, others are samples

nice function is the auto fill-in.

when you open the keyboard , and observe the circuit a bit, this keyboard begs to be modded! there's a hidden synth inside there, well not a full synth, but!


its a simple 1981 home keyboard

very nice design and high quality build


the solo section (monophonic) sounds realy sweet, warm.

maybe because its analogue. especially played with the cutoff potentiometer added.

poly section sounds are also very nice and 80's sounding, and the effects are pretty nice too.

a very unique sounding instrument!