Roland GW-7
Roland GW-7

GW-7, Tastiera arranger from Roland.

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stompboxjon 21/05/2012

Roland GW-7 : Recensione di stompboxjon (content in English)

"pop music"

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The Roland GW 7 is a very good workstation that is geared more towards people that create “pop” music. But I have heard it used in so many different types of music its ridiculous. Im so familiar with this board I can point out sounds when I hear them in a song and pretty much tell you it came from the Roland GW line. The sounds are different and unique, they arent copy cat sounds that a lot of other boards have. The sound developers spent a little more time trying to be different with this board. But since they say its for more of a pop musician than I guess it is. But to me it can be used for whatever, just the sounds are brighter pop sounds so if you are into whipping out those pop chords this will be right up your alley for sure.


Using the Roland GW 7 is very easy to understand, they made it that way on purpose probably because of all the issues that they get when the other boards roland has come out. Most of those are so difficult to understand, right off the bat you will be able to use this and start making music and put the manual down.


The sounds are good, depending on what type of sounds you like, as I said the sounds are more pop like and could be used in some electronic type music, but I wouldn’t look at this board if you are into jazz or anything like that. Its just not for you then, but if you want nice bright sounds than this will go great with your collection.

Overall, I do like the Roland GW 7 very much, just wish it wasn’t geared only toward pop music. Some of the synths are just too light and airy for me, I need more thick sounds. Im not really a pop producer so, but im sure if I was I would love the GW 7.