Kawai X30
Kawai X30

X30, Tastiera arranger from Kawai.

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Yjanet 31/07/2012

Kawai X30 : Recensione di Yjanet (content in English)


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This is a 61 keys (5 octaves) keyboard embedding 100 sounds (16 bit PCM) and 50 styles.
Its feature include
- a one track sequencer with very limited memory
- a stereo chorus effect which does not sound so bad
- an auto-accompaniement section with one finger chords (or full chord)
- some kind of an arpegiator named "ad-lib" section which provides a few arpeggio pattern, based on the current chord
- transpose and fine tune

There is only
- one 1/4" TRS phone output
- one sustain pedal inlet

No MIDI or Line Out...


There is no editable settings, just stereo chorus on or off and keyboard velocity curve (3 predefined curves)


It lacks everything to make it a real music instrument useable on stage or home studio, but the sounds were not so bad for the time being.

What I dislike most is the keyboard itself which is much too soft ...

I was just a child at the time I played with this and I really enjoyed it. I heard it recently, some sounds were still interresting and I would enjoy to have them (better sampled) in my plugins ...