Casio MT-540
Casio MT-540

MT-540, Tastiera arranger from Casio.

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sukamara8 26/11/2013

Casio MT-540 : Recensione di sukamara8 (content in English)

"some nice tones, atmospheric samples section and midi make it somewhat interesting"

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5 octave , mid keys

20 tones , 20 rhythms

there are some pretty usable tones here and the MIDI is one of this keyboards highlights.

the tones can also be combined in dual mode (210 combinations)

there is also a sound effects section, which is simply samples (can by played in loop mode for background atmosphere) with names like rainy day, evening, ocean and so.

the chord section is interesting, and the sound is much less classy than the good sounding pcm tones , the auto-chords are rather over programmed, but the're a variation which allows more creativity in playing the auto-chord

you can also play drum sound manual with the keyboard.


a pretty simple to use keyboard.

midi implementation is pretty decent


this is not a bad thingy if you think its got MIDI , some pretty nice sounds, nice portability and 5 octaves mid keys

low-resolution samples for drums and hi-hat sections make this device sound at odds when played in auto-chord, especially when you hear some of its awesome and sweet sounding PCM tones.

The tones are quality samples, but the chords are very funkily and 80's influenced in their programming.. All in all there are Casios with lots more rhythms and styles in this kind of sound, but no midi, so go figure...

the atmospheric effects also add to the potential.