Casio SK-1
Casio SK-1

SK-1, Tastiera arranger from Casio.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Casio SK-1 : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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Did I say 8Khz, 1 second of sampling time? No turn-off memory. Basic sequencer, and only a handfull of presets. You know what? This is what makes the SK-1 special... You have to work around limitations, find ways to create something out of nothing. In contrast, it is surprising to find a MIC IN, LINE IN as well as LINE OUT on the back of the SK-1... This means that you can run some AUX tracks from your mixer, re-sample anything you want 8-Bit style, without being limited to the built-in microphone.

Price paid

Gift - although they often go for ~$20 on ebay, and cheaper at thrift stores


The SK-1 is easy to use, BUT there are some features which puzzle me... The "Synth" feature is a bit obscure.

You know, for a 20 year old "toy" the SK-1 seems to be pretty solid. I have a second one I found at a thrift store for $3 (!!!) which needs repair.


Sound is a 10!? You probably think I am crazy! ......... Yes and No. The SK-1 is a 20 year old toy sampler. 8 Bit, 4Khz quality, and 1 second of memory. The BAD quality is what gives the SK-1 its charm and character... You pick it up, record thru its built-in microphone or via the LINE IN or the MIC IN, and it is instant fun The sound is very particular. The built-in presets are actually quite interesting. I have used its piano and flute presets on a number of tracks. They do sound vintage/lofi, but add a very nice "color" to a track.

One last thing I really like is the fact that the SK-1 "rattles" if you crank the volume to the max and press a bunch of keys (especially the Flute preset) MMHhhhh!!! 8 Bit heaven... I will *never* sell my Casio SK-10, and will buy all the ones I can find at thrift stores... MMhh a stack of SK-10 screaming 8 Bit samples...

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