ToneBytes Vinyl
ToneBytes Vinyl

Vinyl, Tape/Vinyl simulator from ToneBytes.

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AlanForPresident 09/05/2012

ToneBytes Vinyl : Recensione di AlanForPresident (content in English)

"get it, its free"

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I love the tone Bytes Vinyl plug in, you really couldn’t ask for much more plus its free. What is there really to complain about with the Tone Bytes Vinyl Plug in? Some of the key features of it are, dust emulation , frequency responses emulation some distortion and its fully midi capable. You should definitely download this and start using it right away especially if you like the old vinyl sound. I first heard a lot of vinyl sounds in one of my favorite trip hop groups. It seemed as if they would play the instruments out and then press them on vinyl then play it back from the vinyl and record other stuff over it. But after I fould the Tone bytes Vinyl plug in I see how its possible.


I am not sure if they do pres the vinyl or if they just use a plug in like this but it sure sounds exactly the same and it’s the exactly same thing I was looking for. I had no idea how to get that dust emulation sound on some of my songs. I am so happy I found this and best of all its free (though im not sure why because they could easily get 25 bucks for this easy). It is very stable no issues.


You wont be disappointed with the Tone bytes Vinyl Plug in, if you are un happy with it or its not your style and you just don’t see your self using it much then you can always uninstall it, its not a big piece of software and it installs really fast and im sure it will uninstall even quicker you probably just remove it from the vst folder and put it in the trash been. Download it now and check it out, use those vinyl effects and watch how it gives your music more of a older but erie feeling to it.