Remo Prince Symbol Tambourine
Remo Prince Symbol Tambourine

Prince Symbol Tambourine, Tambourine from Remo.

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mooseherman 28/03/2010

Remo Prince Symbol Tambourine : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)


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This is a tambourine made by Remo that features the Prince symbol, from his days as "the artist formerly known as Prince." It has a black skin and frame, with the logo being in a tan, almost beige color. The drum has 8 pairs of jingles, has a 10'' diameter, and a depth of 1 11/16 ". While I think that the tambourine is cool for the novelty factor, being a pretty big fan of Prince, I don't know if it's the greatest tambourine. That being said, it's pretty cheap, and as far as cheap tambourines go, it's one of the better ones. Its definitely got a little bit more room for subtlety than most tambourines I've played, and it's a great choice for people who aren't willing to shell out more money for a better one. The tone is nice, it doesn't drown out every other instrument in the percussion section when recorded, like some of the other ones do. That being said, it's not great for recording in every situation; sometimes when it makes up a large part of the rhythm you need a tambourine to have a fuller, richer sound. I also find at times that the jingles don't move as quickly as they should, which results in it being difficult to keep time with it. It's main use, I think, is for lead singers who need something to do onstage when they aren't singing. However, given that it has Prince's logo on it, I doubt everybody would really want to use it if they're trying to make a career on their own. As much as I wanted to like this tambourine, I realized that I would have been better off getting one that has more versatility and that doesn't have another artist's logo on it already. I would have to only recommend it to fans of his who aren't necessarily going to need much more out of it than the novelty factor.