Numark Total Control
Numark Total Control

Total Control, Superficie di controllo MIDI DJ from Numark.

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WuTangSht 23/12/2010

Numark Total Control : Recensione di WuTangSht (content in English)

"Pretty good."

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The Numark Total Control is a DJ mixing control surface that resembles a DJ set with a mixer and 2 vinyls. The Numark Total Control was my first DJing experience and it was pretty good. It taught me a lot on how DJing worked and how to mix. It was a lot cheaper than a real DJ set with two turntables and a mixer, so my first try was with the Numark Total Control. What I found really good about it was how well it resembled a DJ set. It taught me a lot on how to mix and DJ before I got myself a real set. The Total Control had a lot of effects, knobs, faders, etc. They were all for mixing purposes and it taught me a lot on how the knobs work together and when to use each one of them. What was really annoying about it was how the jog wheels worked. You weren't able to scratch the jog wheel back and have the song rewind a little and repeat itself like a real vinyl would. You couldn't only scratch when the song was stopped. This made the Numark Total Control weak compared with all the other DJ control surfaces out there. The value of the Numark Total Control was good knowing that all the other DJ sets cost over $200. 100 dollars is a good value to start off with, forget anything under 100 dollars. The sound quality is good. When the song plays it's all good and sounds perfect, but sometimes the scratches you play sound bad, so you would need to listen to the scratch before doing it, which was disabled in Numark Total Control unless you bought the DJ I|O which was an extra $100 dollars. This was my first model and it was a good start to learn about DJing and mixing. I would recommend buying the real set first and practicing then, the Numark Total Control was good but it's much more efficient to save up for a real set.