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FP User 01/11/2008

Mixman DM² : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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The features are great, but it's a toy - so there are some drawbacks. First the crossfader at times gets sticky, and wont send acurrate messages. And the Joystick at the top is only good for big swirls, not percise movements. Plus the software that comes with it (Mixman studio) is almost completly useless compared to the products on the market today (Traktor, and others). On to the good parts! A piece of software called DM2MIDI(http://www.pdoom.ch/dm2/) (has popped up within the last year (Thanks pdoom!), that allows the DM2 unit to output MIDI msgs. This means that one can use it to control a broadrange of music/video software. So someone wrote a script (http://www.synth.biz/dm2/) to use traktor with it. Then another person posted to the DM2/MIDI user forum (www.dmtwo.tk) a script (with adding BOME's MIDI Translator into the mix) to scratch in traktor without having to hold the center lock buttons down (as previously required). Go here for more info: http://dm2.proboards23.com/index.cgi?board=traktor&action=display&num=1082628663 It's so amazing how close it comes to the vinyl expirience. Now the DM2 unit rocks really hard! It's really hard to find a similar device for the same cost/performance ratio. :P

Price paid

$30.00 USD


The interface of the hardware is kick ass in terms of layout. Like I said before, the cost blows me away for what it can do with the right software. The only hinderences are the toy build, and the obviously subpro specs on the parts. Imagine if they just did an updated version with prolevel parts and usb 2.0 or Firewire, no stupid software, and priced it under $200. That would be fantastic.

It feels like a toy. Light plastic construction. I dont think it would last long under lots of use and abuse. Plus your friends will laugh at you because it looks like a toy, and cant absolutly replicate the vinyl expirience... but it come's pretty damn close. However, be prepared to buy a new one every couple of years if you use it heavily. Good thing they are cheap on Ebay!


Sound Quality? Depends on the software you use with this piece of inexpensive hardware. MixMan application that comes with the hardware: 5 DM2MIDI + N.I.'s Traktor 2.5: 10


I love it! I love it! DM2 + (DM2MIDI + B's MIDI Trans + Scripts) + Traktor = Hella Good Time! DM2MIDI was the kicker. Without it, I would have never had bought a DM2. I wanted no part in a $100 (at the time) unit that couldn't output MIDI. But ebay changed that. Now they go for ~$30 US. It really puts a new spin on doing mashups (since i was used to doing them the easy way via Acid 4). The DM2 is fantastic.

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Posted by: Unknown ( 8-, 2004)