Hercules DJ Console Mk2
Hercules DJ Console Mk2

DJ Console Mk2, Superficie di controllo MIDI DJ from Hercules.

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Audiofanzine FR 04/01/2011

Hercules DJ Console Mk2 : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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Originally written by mark_renton on Audiofanzine FR.

Features that motivated my choice:
1. It's a full-featured sound card (standalone system)
2. Price
I use it to mix when I'm away from my turntables...

Rather easy installation under Win XP. On the other hand, I still have problems with a Mac...
The user's manual is too imprecise...

It's fun to use it and it's easily transportable. It's really nice to have the possibility to mix MP3 files.
Very short latency on my PC.

Nice, transportable and convenient compact mixer for small performances.
I don't plan to use it for professional applications!!
Good value for money.
I don't regret having bought it, given the use I give it, but buy something else for professional MP3 mixing applications. In this case, you'd better choose M-Audio Xponent or vestax vci 300.
I'm adding the following comment after six months of use: It turns tedious... Too many limitations! Its unergonomic design makes you wanna throw it away after two hours of use...
But it's still fun to warm up...

I plan to buy a Vestax VCI!!