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DJ Henny 28/01/2011

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"My favourite VST for leads."

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This VST came with my copy of FL studio, so there was no issues with installation as it was already with it. The general layout of the VST is very simple to browse through presets, but the actual layout on the GUI can be confusing. Lots of the knobs and dials go unexplained on the screen and you have to literally play with them to make any sense of what they do. This VST also works well with Ableton Live and I have no doubt would work flawlessly with any other.


This VST works flawlessly. It is one hundred percent stable and has never been the cause of any crashes or errors. The load time of the presets is speedy and near instant. The only problem I have with preset selection is the menu window that opens up when you go through. I prefer the traditional browser selection method in VST's. I have been using this VST ever since I bought FL Studio. The CPU load of this VST is seemingly light too as it has never pushed either of my computers (1.8ghz pentium & a 2.5ghz core 2 quad).


This VST is brilliant for lead synths in my opinion. It is one of my favourite VST's for lead sounds that feature distortion but still sound smooth. They sound brilliant in any RNB or Hip Hop song. The VST also has a nice range of pads and atmosphere sounds for the backdrop. The key sounds however do not really get anything done and really sound like filler sounds. I do not like the way presets are selected though and the actual GUI. They would be the only problems I have with it. Knowing what I know now, I would still get this VST if it didn't come with FL as the leads are stunning and play a hugely important part in my music.