Image Line PoiZone 2
Image Line PoiZone 2
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AlanForPresident 06/06/2012

Image Line PoiZone 2 : Recensione di AlanForPresident (content in English)

"nice vst"

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I have been using Poizone 2 since I discovered it was in my version of FL Studio automatically. After just looking for new sounds scrolling through all of the vst’s I saw this one and opened it up. It was only DEMO mode though but I was still able to mess around with it then it would go silent (because it was demo). But just after messing around with it for about a hour and knew that I was going purchase it sooner or later . So as soon as I had the money I went to image lines website logged into my account and purchased Poizone 2.


After purchasing there was no installation because I already had the software installed it just needed to register so I had to do that and it only took a few seconds and it was out of demo mode. Demo mode and full mode are pretty much the same difference is that you can save your work with the full mode. Demo mode you cant save and it will go silent on you every minute or so. But getting use to Poizone wasn’t too hard it was a lot like Biohazard.


Sounds are really ambient and clean. Some of the basses arent that good to me. I wish they had some more saw type basses and less wobbly basses. But the Syths leads arps and sound effects are great. You can had so many different effects to everything right on board. Plus it has a built in arp panel so you can arp pretty much anything right in Poizone 2 and you don’t have to do it from the channel in Fl Studio. I am anxious for PoiZone 3 to come out so hopefully its soon. The price is affordable , so if you are looking for something clean to start using that will give you some good synths this is the way to go. Keep in mind it has been out for a while though .