Digidesign AIR Vacuum
Digidesign AIR Vacuum

AIR Vacuum, Sintetizzatore subtractive virtuale from Digidesign.

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AlanForPresident 09/09/2012

Digidesign AIR Vacuum : Recensione di AlanForPresident (content in English)

"Great because I didnt have to pay for it."

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Digidesign AIR Vacuum is a mono synth that surprised me in a few different ways. Most mono synths have ups and downs , but usually more downs than ups. The AIR Vacuum seemed to be more of “my kinda” analog mono synth. AIR Vacuum has a very good and well built filter section in to it, it will give you full control over how the sounds will be played, it basically has its own flavor to it that was unlike any other similar synths I have tried. I didn’t have to pay for AIR Vacuum either because it came with my Pro Tools, though some people may have to still pay for it, don’t expect it to just come with your Pro Tools because I am not sure if they only put it with certain packages or not. I have not seen manual for it, and I don’t think they I would every need one. Every thing is very easy to access and use with Vacuum. There are no difficult menus to worry about. Its all just right there for you to use at your disposal.


AIR Vacuum works great with Pro Tools, I have never used it outside of that and I haven’t heard any one try to so I am not sure how it would work in other DAW’s. It is very stable, every time I open it and load it up it opens right away without any pauses.


AIR Vacuum is a high quality mono synth that you wont ever have to worry about it giving you issues down the road, it was free for me. But I am not sure if this is a program that I would have went out and purchased out of my own pocket for. I really don’t have much of a need for it, I will use it from time to time because its here, but if it was not on my system anymore I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Its not a necessity.