Big Tick Audio Software Cheeze Machine [Freeware]
Big Tick Audio Software Cheeze Machine [Freeware]

Cheeze Machine [Freeware], Sintetizzatore subtractive virtuale from Big Tick Audio Software.

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AlanForPresident 04/05/2012

Big Tick Audio Software Cheeze Machine [Freeware] : Recensione di AlanForPresident (content in English)

"good free, wouldnt purchase though"

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The Big Tick Audio Machine is a software that I was curious about, that is why I downloaded it. Mainly because it was free and I like to have all of the sounds that I can have even if some of them are subpar. Its always good to download free synths like this because there maybe a preset that you will love and use it in a lot of your own work. Its like fishing, sometimes you will get a good catch but most of the time you don’t get anything good.

The Big Tick Audio Machine is very easy to understand, I don’t even think they make a manual for it (atleast I never saw one). I basically just used this free software for about 3 months, but I still have it just don’t pull it out much. I runs good and installs really easy. You really couldn’t ask for an easier installation on a windows computer.

Overall, it is free! What do you have to lose, I think it’s a decent software and its very light and doesn’t take a lot of your cpu so you can run several instances of it at the same time with different sounds and it would cause any problems. Its worth the download. You will like the Big tick Audio Machine if you are into simple plug in synths. It also has a few small effects, I think some phaser and Chorus effects if I remember correctly. I didn’t use them though I just use the ones in my mixer tracks because they are much better. But what more could you ask for , it’s a free software synth that will give your system no problems. If you don’t like it you can just delete it and never use it again. Use free synths more often and you will find some that sound really good. But I wouldn’t purchase this software if it was for sale though.