Roland VS-880 EX
Roland VS-880 EX

VS-880 EX, Studio Multitraccia Digitale from Roland in the VS series.

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suburbanguitarhick 27/10/2013

Roland VS-880 EX : Recensione di suburbanguitarhick (content in English)

"dont get it"

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i learned how to use the older vs 880vx expanded model. and after finally getting to know the ins and outs of that one, i bout the 880ex so that i could link my two machines together. well i had no prob linking them, there isnt enough info on how to use them this way. what dissapointed me the most is that the 880ex is a completely different machine. i basically had to learn how to do things with the new machine that i had already mastered on the old system. the vx expanded had the three different mixing modes. the 880ex uses this color coded mixer routing stuff . orange , red, and green. (i am red green color blind!!!!) hello. i basically need to get an identical vs 880vx expanded and sell the ex because it is not an 880 it just shares the name. what a rip!






nothing, it is not the same machine as the rest of its family.