Roland VS-2400 CD
Roland VS-2400 CD

VS-2400 CD, Studio Multitraccia Digitale from Roland in the VS series.

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ericthegreat 13/01/2012

Roland VS-2400 CD : Recensione di ericthegreat (content in English)

"no problems with this."

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The machine is very intuitive and operates much like a tape machine. The manual is easy to understand. Essentially, connect it to a mixing console and you're ready to rock. It can do whatever you need it too do. You will be able to create your whole project right on this machine and it has a built in cd burner to burn your project there on the spot. Most of us that are older that where in the generation of using older analog equipment will love this. It fits right in our man studio where we record it, when we want to go old school and keep the mac out of the equation.


On a tape machine, you would merely arm the new tracks you wish to record on. For whatever reason, even though the tracks will arm, no recordings will be made on those tracks until the machine is stop and re-engaged into record mode. This isn't a major limitation, but you must be aware of it, especially if you're trying to record something on the fly, because you'll lose whatever you're trying to capture until you actually stop and then start recording on the machine.


For instance, although the machine has USB ports, in order to connect USB thumb and hard drives to for easy importing and exporting, the ports are located exclusively on the back of the machine. This can be a major pain to access if the main parst, is rackmounted (as it ought to be), and at least two ports should have been provided at the front of the machine.


This problem can be somewhat solved with a USB extension cable, but for a machine of this caliber and cost it should not be necessary to have to resort to such measures. This unit is well worth the pretty penny it cost to purchase, you will love it.