Inward Connections TLM-1 Tube Limiter
Inward Connections TLM-1 Tube Limiter

TLM-1 Tube Limiter, Studio limiter from Inward Connections.

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moosers 15/12/2010

Inward Connections TLM-1 Tube Limiter : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Inward Connections TLM-1 Tube Limiter is a module designed for Inward's Vac Rac 4000 casing. You can't use it outside of this rack system as far as I'm aware. It does have it's own connections, but since it's tube based it requires the power supply for the Vac Rac. The connections it has for input and output are XLR jacks, but it also has a 1/4" jack for linking. It's not rackable outside of the Vac Rac...


There's not much to using the Inward Connections TLM-1 Tube Limiter, as it's a pretty basic limiter when you get down to it. It's got knobs for controlling your reduction and gain make up, as well as switches for bypass, linking, and setting the VU meter to either a limit or output viewing mode. A manual shouldn't be necessary here.


The sound of the Inward Connections TLM-1 Tube Limiter is pretty outstanding. I've used this module along with the mic preamp and EQ modules for the Vac Rac 4000 as a vocal chain and have yet to use it for other applications. However, for this use I couldn't be more pleased with the TLM-1. It's definitely got it's own character and sound but it's one that most will surely love as it's a nice and round sounding limiter that can vary from being subtle or heavy depending on how you set it. The three modules in series make for an absolutely killer vocal chain for getting a super huge vocal sound.


Although not too many people will get to experience the Inward Connections TLM-1 Tube Limiter since the Vac Rac 4000 is a pretty hardy investment, it's still seriously worth considering for professionals. Of course it's not worth it if you just want the TLM-1 Tube Limiter, as there are other modules to choose from of other types that make the rack system more complete. While expensive, this is the only unit of it's type that allows you to plug and pull tube modules and is definitely worth it if you need it and can afford it...