Waves L2 UltraMaximizer
Waves L2 UltraMaximizer

L2 UltraMaximizer, Studio compressor from Waves in the Ultramaximizer series.

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Hatsubai 06/07/2011

Waves L2 UltraMaximizer : Recensione di Hatsubai (content in English)

"Powerful and easy to use"

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Along with the L1, the L2 is also one of the more popular adaptive limiters out there. Where as the the L1 adds this neat little bit of character to the mix, I find the L2 to be a little bit more natural sounding. Aside from that, they're really virtually identical. The plugin has sliders for threshold, output ceiling and release. It also has buttons to select bit rate, dither and shaping. To use this plugin, all you do is enable it on your master buss, and you're good to go. I never experienced any problems while using this plugin, and there's really no need to read the manual. If you've never used a limiter before, keep the ceiling below 0.0, and you'll be golden most of the time.


This is the part where Waves plugins really excel. These are awesome when it comes to reliability and stability. First of all, this plugin is a cross platform compatible plugin. That means that it works on both Windows and OS X machines alike. I've never experienced a direct crash related to this plugin, and that's thanks to Waves' superior coding compared to certain other companies out there. It doesn't take up too much memory, and performance is awesome on this thing. It's a 32 bit plugin, but considering its age, it's hard to fault it for that. I hope that, in the future, they'll change this to 64 bit, but I'm not surprised if they won't simply because of their other options out there.


This is yet another loudness/limiter plugin. It works just as nicely as the L1. I really can't say which one is better because they're similar, and they both get the job done. Where as the L1 has these cool artifacts that can occur, the L2 is a bit more linear and transparent. It all depends on what kind of vibe you're going for. I've used both without any issues at all, but my main limiter is still usually the built-in Logic Pro one.