Tube-Tech LCA2B
Tube-Tech LCA2B

LCA2B, Studio compressor from Tube-Tech.

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moosers 04/02/2009

Tube-Tech LCA2B : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Tube Tech LCA2B is a dual channel compressor. It is analog and has tubes in it. I believe there are XLR inputs and outputs in the back. It is a rackable effect unit and each has a digital meter.


The configuration of the LCA2B can be somewhere overwhelming upon first glance, but that is just nod to how versatile this machine is. While it is easy to get a great sounding compression from this unit, there are a ton of parameters that will alert the sound and you can get a variety of sounds from it. For this reason, it takes a little bit of adjusting to what all of the parameters of this compressor does. It is not your two knob standard compressor. I've never seen the manual, but I bet it would definitley be useful for some people.


The compression on this unit is great for a number of different applications. The compression is incredibly clean sounding but still has a warmth and fullness to it. My favorite instrument to use this with is bass guitar. It adds a fatness to bass that makes it a great option for the instrument. I also like it a lot on all sorts of vocals, electric guitars and sometimes even horns. There is almost an overload of knobs and switches as there are a ton of different tone shaping parameters that make this compressor as versatile as it is.


I first used the Tube Tech LCA2B about four years ago. It is a beast in a number of ways. It adds a certain tone color that is tough to achieve with most compressors, as it adds something to the signal rather than squishing it and taking away from it. I love how many different parameters it has as it makes for a great compressor that you can get a variety of sounds on. I love the compressors that Tube Tech makes, and while this is very expensive, if you are looking for a high end compressor, this is the price range you are looking at. As far as high end compressors go, this definitley holds its own in class of upper echelon machines.