Summit TLA-100A
Summit TLA-100A

TLA-100A, Studio compressor from Summit.

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theaudioandvideoguy 23/03/2012

Summit TLA-100A : Recensione di theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"great hardware"

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The Summit Audio TLA 100A Tube Leveling Amp is well worth the high penny that it cost. This unit has a classic design feel to it, there are no extra special designs on it. Its just plain and simple, with a very clean design. This unit provides great compression that you will love no matter what you genre of music is. This unit is ultra fast, its reacts almost instantly. You can use it for bass, or kick drums or even vocals. I prefer it on bass though just because I feel it can take your bass to another level with no effort. Its also great for tracking out and mixing your individual mixer tracks/instruments.


The sound quality will shock you, it really doesn’t get much better than this. This processor can be found in a lot of studios that still have hardware around. Even if you are a new age software guy, its still good to have this around for the great compression. Its USA made, and they say that each unit is made by hand. I was surprised when I heard this in a live setting.


The basic operations of it are easy to operate, because basically all the functions are basic. There is nothing on this unit that makes it hard to operate, its pretty cut and dry right in your face. Just start tweaking knobs to get your compression and watch what happends.


Overall, I say go with this if you have some sort of a decent budget. They have been making this unit for over 15 years and they don’t plan on stopping. So you will always have the support for it, not to mention the warranty that you get through Summit I think it’s a few years. So you have nothing to worry about with your investment. it’s a protected high quality piece of hardware. Try it