Drawmer MX30
Drawmer MX30

MX30, Studio compressor from Drawmer.

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theaudioandvideoguy 26/06/2012

Drawmer MX30 : Recensione di theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"price is great for what you get"

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The Drawmer MX 30 is a dual gated compressor limiter and is no longer being produced. That doesn’t meant that you cant have one though because they are still being sold on line at a decent price. I am pretty sure they are going for around 300 dollars now used which is still a steal considering the quality of gear that it is and for the fact of how much it cost when it first came out.


It has +4 db operating levels or unbalanced at -10dbu. The peak limiter on the MX 30 is one of the best peak limiters that I have used as far as limiting peaks without causing the distortion and noise that we all hate. It has the ability to get all the peak levels with gain reduction and reduce the overall signal level. If you have any idea on how limiters work then you wont need to read any manuals with this gear.


There is no substitute for a good limiter to have for your mastering sessions. Most people will over look gear like the Drawmer MX 30 and they will just forget hardware all together and go for just software built in limiters and think they will be fine. But untill you have used a real limiter you wont know what you are missing. Yes, some software limiters are really good especially the ones that you have to pay good money for and they don’t come with your DAW. But nothing will give you the sound of a hardware limiter, hardware limiters are original and have been used for many years and you just cant go wrong with one. You should look into purchasing the MX 30 for 300 dollars because software limiters are costing that much and more now adays and they are good, but there is nothing like having a hardware module for your set up that wont crash your system or make anything run slow.


Great price, great quality