Garritan Instant Orchestra
Garritan Instant Orchestra

Instant Orchestra, Strumento Orchestra Virtuale from Garritan.

public price: 119 € TTC
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stompboxjon 06/07/2012

Garritan Instant Orchestra : Recensione di stompboxjon (content in English)

"decent "

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Garritan Instant Orchestra vst is pretty good, I have heard a lot better orchestra and at the same time I have heard a lot worse. So at best I say that this vst is just average. There really wasn’t too much that stuck out to me and made me go crazy over it. I have about 5 different vst’s that are dedicated to orchestra sounds and patches. But Garritan didn’t make me want to use it a lot like the East West orchestra plug in does. So now it just sits on my system and really doesn’t get used to much. I am actually kind of upset that I spend the money on it with all the other orchstra vst’s that I have. But I had to see what this was about because I couldn’t find a demo version of it online in order to try it first. Had I had the chance to try it first I wouldn’t have ended up buying it. I am not saying that its not good, just compared to some other high end vst orchestra synths that I have it just doesn’t do it for me.


It is very easy to install and it will give your system no issues. I have even recently ran it on a really old laptop with windows xp on it just to see if I would work good on it before writing this review and it does still work good. This plug in does have a lot of potential I just think that either it needs to have more patches and sounds or some better quality ones at least. Maybe some more complete orchestra sounds that are layered? That would probably make me like it a lot more than what I do now. It just doesn’t stick out to me.


For the price and value its not bad, if this is your firt orchestra vst then you will probably have no complaints and you will love it. But if you are coming from other orchestra vsts that you have invested a good amount of money in you will see where this one lacks at.