C 24 COMB, Stereo microphone from AKG.

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moosers 27/11/2009

AKG C 24 COMB : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The AKG C 24 is a stereo tube condenser microphone that is designed for use in the recording studio.  It is a unique mic because it actually has two capsules in it and has the ability to move them in different directions.  Few microphones out there have the same design, and the C 24 is definitely the best that I have used that are like this.  Since it is a tube microphone it also comes with a power supply.


I first used the AKG C 24 a few years ago and was immediately impressed with not only the design and its attributes, but the overall sound quality.  The C 24 is a pretty rare microphone and I haven't seen too many copies of this design either.  I've only had a chance to use the microphone in a few different settings, but each application that I've used it for I've been quite happy with the results.  I've used it for getting a stereo spread on an acoustic piano as well as for a general room microphone.  I find that it probably works best as a room microphone or anytime that you want to get a wide sound from far away.  While it will work well in most situations other than this as it is a well built microphone from a reliable company, using it as a stereo room spread is probably its best attribute.  This also includes as a drum overhead as it gives you an all in one option.  Having a single microphone that has two capsules in it is great, but it can also be used as a mono microphone if you decide that you don't need a stereo spread.  This is a cool feature because it makes the mic extremely versatile and useful in all sorts of situations.  These are hard to find microphones, and even if you can find one they are quite expensive because it is two microphones in one and is extremely high quality.  While I can't say I would recommend trying to find one, if you come across a C 24 in a studio you should absolutely try it out as it is an overall killer microphone.