Cabasse Bisquine M2
Cabasse Bisquine M2

Bisquine M2, Speaker Hi-Fi from Cabasse.

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Audiofanzine FR 04/12/2008

Cabasse Bisquine M2 : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by Gaston midi/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I'm the owner of a Bisquine pair since 1994. I previously spent 10 years listening to (and sometimes buying) speakers, which bored me rather fast. (Siare, JBL, Tanoy, Mission, etc.).

I finally chose these Cabasse thinking they would be average (because of their size).

But they are real Cabasse speakers (like they used to be, not like today's multimedia toys).

The sound is very linear, not emphasizing at all, but rich, precise and clear. Speaker placement is important but not as much as with big speakers, IMO.

Some people say they have not enough lows but I think our ears got used to overemphasized lows due to the current subwoofer trend.

The low-end is well-balanced and the response is very linear! (if I want more lows, I can add them with the amp setting).

These speakers are relentless with bad recordings and mixes. They are great because they let you discover details of recordings you thought you knew perfectly well...

I use them with a (very) old Luxman (L230) amp with a great high frequency response... even though I know that modern amps have a much larger dynamic range, which make the speakers sound better.

I also use the Cabasse to mix my music (I don't have any studio monitors) and they work well.

Notice: Bisquine speakers have 4 ohms impedance:

1 - when you compare them with 8-ohm speakers with the same amp, you might think that they have twice as much dynamics, but they only sound louder.

2 - Watch out if you want to feed several speaker pairs at the same time and with the same amp because it could lead to damages.

After 14 years of constant dangers (microphone feedbacks in the tweeters, distortion guitar recordings that destroyed my previous speakers, my kids turning the amp's volume fully up when a vinyl record starts playing...), my Cabasse speakers are still in perfect condition.

What else could you ask for? A bigger woofer for low frequencies? My experience has showed me that bigger woofers rarely produce accurate lows, even if they do extend the frequency response in the lower end.