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Heavyspender 22/04/2008

Crate GX30M : Recensione di Heavyspender (content in English)


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This amp is solid state all the way. Not sure of the wattage, but I would say, judging from the volume, that it is about 30-40 watts. This amp has two channels, drive and clean. The drive channel has gain, shape and volume controls. The clean channel has master volume, treble, bass, and mid knobs. It also has a reverb knob that controls both channels. There is a manual channel switching switch if you don't have a foot-switch, which I don't. There are rate and depth knobs for chorus as well as a manual switch to engage it. Finally, there is a speaker out, headphone out, as well as foot-switch input.


This is your standard combo amp. The setup/configuration is simple enough that you don't need a manual in my opinion. I bought this thing used, so I don't have one anyway. Though I am not sure about the wattage, the amp is sufficient for rehearsals and even from small venues. It can also drive a 4ohm cab fairly nicely ! You have to tweak the amp a little bit because of the mediocre tones that come from it (see next section.) But pedals can help.


I bought this amp to rehearse and play on stage that upcoming Sunday because it was cheaper to buy it than rent an amp for a weekend. It does the job and has done so for more than a year. It's just that I've since bought better amps, so she might get sold soon. Both the stock clean and distortion channels are OK. The clean is passable, but the less than exemplary built-in chorus effect does not improve the tone any. The distortion is also passable. Kind of boxy sounding, but some people like that. I think it has it's place. The good news for me is that the distortion with gain all the way has enough sustain that I can keep up with our other guitarist and his much more expensive Fender Hot Rod Deville when we do "call and answer" solos. I play through a beginner Ibanez and many pedals, including a Zoom multi-effect. If I put the Zoom on the Fender Twin setting through the clean channel of this amp, you can close your eyes and think you have a Twin right beside you! That's a pretty good thing. The amp takes pedal distortion OK as well, especially put through a 4 speaker've got a stage ready rig for not much dough !


I've been using this on stage (recently as a second stereo amp) for a year and a couple months. It is light and portable, so it's convenient for rehearsal and stage. Unfortunately, the volume, while being adequate for more than a year, is recently getting to not be adequate. With our other guitarist's loud Hot Rod and our monster drummer, among other things, my virtuoso playing tends to get drowned out when I use this amp. Thus it's use as a stereo amp. But now I have other ones that I feel are better. So I didn't really try many others before trying this one (remember, I needed it quick), but I have sure tried many (and bought a couple) since. For being bought around the 100$ range and being in great shape when I bought it, I think this amp serves it's purpose well. It's still in great shape and still plays well. I'm sure if I had more time, I would have found something else better for slightly a couple more bucks, but I don't regret buying this amp. I am trying to sell it now, but it won't hurt my feelings if I had to keep it.