Kjaerhus Audio Classic Flanger [Freeware]
Kjaerhus Audio Classic Flanger [Freeware]

Classic Flanger [Freeware], Software Flanger from Kjaerhus Audio.

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moosers 18/05/2010

Kjaerhus Audio Classic Flanger [Freeware] : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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Kjaerhus Audio's Classic Flanger is one of my favorite sounding free VST flangers out there. I'm no longer running this plug-in ever since I made the jump from Cubase SX to Pro Tools LE about four years ago or so, but this served me well for a few years beforehand. The process of downloading and installing it should only take a few minutes, as I can't recall ever having a problem with any of the Kjaerhus Audio plug-ins in respect to this. In terms of control over your sound, you've got parameters for delay time and delay rate, depth, feedback, mix, and output level. It also has buttons for engaging sync and spread. This is overall a very simple plug-in to use, so I don't think that you need a manual, and I'm not even sure that they made a manual for this if you wanted anyway.


The system that I was running Cubase SX 2.0 on with the Kjaerhus Audio Classic Flanger was based on a Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv8000 lap top PC with 2 GB of RAM and a 3.0 Ghz processor. Now that I'm running Pro Tools on a Mac I can't run this, and I'm not sure that I'd have a need to anyway. When I was running it though, it always ran smoothly for me and without hiccups. Most users should find this to be the case, but how well it will run really depends on your system. The good news is that since this is free you can try it out for yourself on your own system.


The Kjaerhus Audio Classic Flanger was definitely my go to flanger plug-in when I had Cubase SX. It's incredibly easy to use and I found the presets to be more than helpful starting points, as there were a few of them in here that I used quite a bit. I used the plug-in for a variety of formats, including for electric guitar and vocals. While if I were to use this today I might have a different perspective since it has been a while, for the time that I was using this plug-in I used it a lot and found it very useful. I'd recommend that anyone who is looking to add some free plug-ins to their system, which should be everyone, and has a PC with a VST compatible DAW, that they download this plug-in and the other Kajerhus Audio plug-ins without asking too many questions, as I think you'll be happy to have them at no cost to you.