Audio Damage 914 Fixed Filter Bank
Audio Damage 914 Fixed Filter Bank

914 Fixed Filter Bank, Software Filtro from Audio Damage.

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songboy 11/11/2009

Audio Damage 914 Fixed Filter Bank : Recensione di songboy (content in English)


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I run a Macbook with Logic.  So far, not a single compatibility issue. 
I have never needed to reference a manual for this unit.  Its a very simple plugin with really only the knobs on the face to mess with. 
Yes, the configuration and setup is very simple.  Instantiate it into a track, and tweak the knobs.  Thats it.  The presets are a nice way to get comfortable with this unit quickly if you are not familiar with a Filter bank.
All the typical functions are right in front of you, very easy.


Yes, the software works correctly inside of Logic 9.  No hiccups so far.  It has never crashed, and it always keeps the setup I left it at when I come back to a project, no matter how long  the time is between. 
If I had to quantify it, I guess 10 out of 10.  It does what its supposed to do and sounds perfectly fine to me. 
I have been using this unit for 6 months now.  Its a great little tool to give you that distant "radio" kinda sound, or to fatten/thick up a sound.  I must recommend setting this plugin up to a midi controller, only because its faily time consuming trying to operate by a mouse.  Its just not as responsive with a mouse. 


What I like most about the plugin is its simplicity.  Its just 17 knobs that you tweak until you get your sound, no crazy bells and whistles.  Simplicity is key most of the time. 
What I don't like is what I mentioned earlier, kind of a pain to use with a mouse. 
Audio damage has always been moderately priced, and this guy is no exception.  I think I paid $40 for this plugin, which is not too bad. 
As far as I can tell, the quality of the sound matches the already existing quality, so thats good.   I use the Filterbank in Logic 9 sometimes, but I find this one a little more user friendly. 
For $40, I would definitely buy this guy again.  It does its job and its does it well (and very simply).