Steinberg Spectralizer
Steinberg Spectralizer

Spectralizer, Software Exciter/Enhancer from Steinberg.

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moosers 14/05/2009

Steinberg Spectralizer : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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Installing the Steinberg Spectralizer was a quick process and it was as easy to do as any other plug-in out there. I had no compatibility issues with my machine at all and the whole process of getting the plug-in up and running only took a matter of minutes. The interface of the plug-in is easy to follow for the most part as the sliders and other parameters are clearly labeled. The plug-in has sliders for input, gain, mix, 2nd, and 3rd, has buttons for solo and kick and has a section to set the frequency and density as well. There is then a meter on the left to show the differences in sound. I don't have the manual for the Steinberg Spectralizer, but it is easy to use and you really don't need one if you don't have it.


I ran the Steinberg Spectralizer in Cubase SX when I used to run it before I got Pro Tools LE, and I ran it on a Hewlett Packard lap top that has a 3.0 Ghz processor and 2 GB of RAM. I never had any problems running the plug-in within this set up and having both a Steinberg made sequencer and plug-in makes for perfect compatibility. I was able to run a few of these at once if I wanted but usually would only run or two at a time as I never used it excessively.


I first started using the Steinberg Spectralizer plug-in about five years ago and while I no longer run this plug-in, it is a nice plug-in and the only reason I no longer use it is because I have switched my software from Cubase to Pro Tools and I don't believe that this plug-in will work in Pro Tools. The sound quality of the Steinberg Spectralizer a big plus as it makes it possible to enhance your audio on a number of different levels. The price isn't too expensive and if you are looking to enrich your dry digital audio, this plug-in can definitely help you do to that. This is a great plug-in that must be looked into by users of Steinberg sequencers and other softwares that will accept the format.