E-Phonic Retro Delay [Freeware]
E-Phonic Retro Delay [Freeware]

Retro Delay [Freeware], Software Delay/Echo from E-Phonic.

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moosers 24/05/2010

E-Phonic Retro Delay [Freeware] : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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E-Phonic's Retro Delay is a free VST plug-in that is pretty in depth for a free one. It's supposed to have the make up of a vintage delay, but obviously with a more modern sound since it's a plug-in. I don't run this plug-in any longer ever since I made the switch from Cubase SX on a PC to Pro Tools LE on a Mac. Downloading and installing the plug-in should only take a short amount of time, as I don't remember the process being out of the ordinary. The interface is pretty nice looking, especially for a free plug-in. Most free plug-ins have pretty plain interfaces, as I guess that's where they cut back to make them free, but this isn't the case with this one. It's broken up into sections of parameters that would take too long to mention in detail here, but suffice it to say there is a ton of control available here. Just look at the picture above to get a quick idea of what you've got to work with here. I don't know if they make a manual for this plug-in.


When I was running the E-Phonic Retro Delay plug-in, it was in Cubase SX on a Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv8000 lap top with 2 GB of RAM and a 3.0 Ghz processor. I ran it mostly in Cubase SX 2.0, but also ran it in SX 3. I ran everything through a MOTU 896 HD interface. I always run my delay and reverb plug-ins on auxiliary channels and bus to them to save processing power, which I think is always a good idea, but depending on how many tracks you're running and in what system, this may or may not be necessary. Since it's free, there is no reason not to just try it out for yourself to see how well it will run on your system.


As far as free VST delay plug-ins go, the E-Phonic Retro Delay is definitely one of the best that I've used. Unfortunately I can no longer run this in my current Pro Tools rig, but it definitely served me well when I was running it in Cubase. It's quite a powerful plug-in for a free one, with all sorts of control over your sound. While it definitely isn't a realistic 'vintage delay' sound, it doesn't sound bad at all. If you have a system that would be compatible with this plug-in, there's definitely no reason not to have it!