Waves Jack Joseph Puig Cymbals & Percussion
Waves Jack Joseph Puig Cymbals & Percussion

Jack Joseph Puig Cymbals & Percussion, Software channel strip from Waves in the Jack Joseph Puig series.

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Hatsubai 02/07/2011

Waves Jack Joseph Puig Cymbals & Percussion : Recensione di Hatsubai (content in English)

"Slider layout is fairly unique"

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In the world of music engineering, Jack Joseph Puig is one of the greats. He's done everything from U2 to 311 to No Doubt and beyond. Considering his popularity, it was only natural that he would get some famous mixing/mastering plugins, and Waves stepped up to build and offer them to the public. The Waves JJP Cymbals and Percussion plugin is a plugin meant for those who are needing some all-in-one device to deal with cymbals in his or her mix. The plugin contains different modes for hi-hats, overheads, room, tambourines, shaker and claves, sensitivity, lows, highs, comp, pan, master and main knobs, a switch to select between different meter modes, and center faders for ambience, attitude, punch and tone.

As you can see, the plugin has all kinds of things going on with it. I never experienced any compatibility issues when using it, so no issues there. I can't comment on the manual portion as I never read it, but the plugin itself isn't too hard to use. The good news is that it's crazy easy to setup and run.


Waves is one of the best companies out there when it comes to things like overall stability and performance. The plugin is rock solid, and I've never experienced a single crash when using it in my DAW of choice (Logic Pro). The plugin is also cross platform compatible, so there won't be any issues running this on both OS X and Windows. I do have one issue, however. These plugins are 32 bit plugins, but my DAW is a 64 bit DAW. Because of that, my DAW has to run a special bridge plugin to fully utilize these. I'd much rather have to not use that bridge if I don't have to, but it's a fairly minor complaint as they still work fine. I've been using the Mercury bundle for about half a year now, so I've had some decent experience with these plugins.


Cymbals can be a real pain to get correct because they can sound super harsh if you're not careful. This plugin is a nice, all-in-one solution that can really help fix a lot of issues that might occur with cymbals. To be honest, I try to spend as little time on cymbals as possible and just utilize some slight EQ and/or compression. I focus more on the drums themselves than the cymbals when I mix.