Native Instruments Komplete 6
Native Instruments Komplete 6

Komplete 6, Computer Music software bundle from Native Instruments in the Komplete series.

public price: 499 € TTC
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moosers 22/02/2010

Native Instruments Komplete 6 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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Native Instruments Komplete 6 is a bundle of high quality software wrapped into one low price. This is the newest installment of Komplete. Within this bundle includes a number of different separate pieces of software, including Kontakt, Battery, Absynth, Massive, FM8, Reaktor, and Guitar Rig 4 Pro. All of these pieces of software are on the same level of quality, and most of them are synthesizers, although there is a good amount of versatility amongst the software. Out of all the software included in Komplete 6, I have to say that the FM8 synth and Guitar Rig are my favorites, although all of the software is definitely useful. It just much cheaper to buy Komplete as a bundle rather than buy them each individually for sure, which is a major consideration. All of the software can be used as stand alone, or in tandem with a sequencer like Logic, which is what I use with Komplete most of the time. Native Instruments Komplete 6 is the perfect bundle of software for the user looking to get a whole boat load of software in one shot. If you're thinking about even getting one or two pieces of the individual software in Komplete, I'd really just recommend getting the whole bundle, as I think you'll see that it is definitely worth it. Compared to Komplete 5, some of the software is exactly the same, but there are newer versions of some of them as well. Komplete 6 is one of the most in depth software bundles, and is really a must have for anyone composing with computers or who is simply looking to get all sorts of different synth sounds in one place. The price is really the best feature of Komplete 6, as it makes it accessible for home and professional studios alike. Definitely a must have for anyone looking for a bundle of high quality synthesis software at a great price.