IK Multimedia Total Studio 3
IK Multimedia Total Studio 3

Total Studio 3, Computer Music software bundle from IK Multimedia.

public price: 319 € HT
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mrjason 25/11/2012

IK Multimedia Total Studio 3 : Recensione di mrjason (content in English)

"Tons of sounds, and it is easy to use"

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IK Multimedia Total Studio 3 Bundle comes loaded with 5 virtual synths and 3 effects suites. There are about 20 thousand total sounds with this bundle and over a 150 effects. If you are looking for a total instrument and effects bundle this is the one to buy. It cost less than 400 dollars and for all that you get it could easily cost over 500 like some of the other bundles online. You will get Sample Tron, Sample Moog, Sonic Synth 2, AmpliTube 3 and a few other plug ins when you purchase this bundle.


I ran Total Studio 3 on my PC running Vista but you can run it on just about any system as long as you have a faster processor and at least 1GB of RAM.


My favorite plug in out of the set is Sonik Synth 2, you can purchase Sonik Synth 2 alone for almost the same price as this whole bundle and that is why it is such a deal. Sonik Synth 2 has some great presets and I use them in almost every single song that I make. Sonik Synth 2 has kind of become like my go too synth.
Setting up the Total Studio 3 Bundle was easy, it just took a long time because it is loading so much stuff. I would choose this bundle over any other VST bundle except for Komplete 8 bundle. I have also used the Total Workstation XL from IK Multimedia and it is very good as well. IK Multimedia has come out with some great plug ins and workstations over the years and this bundle has never gave me any issues with freezing or crashing on my computer. I I highly recommend this bundle especially if you are just starting out and need a good set of sounds that are affordable to start with and build off of.