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joshsound 17/10/2008

RODE NT3 : Recensione di joshsound (content in English)


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The NT-3 is Rode's "budget" small diaphragm condenser mic. This is definitely one of the nicer mics in this price range. The mic capsule is actually a little bigger than most other small diaphragm condensers, so you'll notice that you tend to get a little more body on your sources than with most other pencil mics, which can tend to sound a little shrill when you compare the recording to how the source sounds to your ears live. One really neat thing about this mic is that it is self-powered. If you are in a situation where you don't have access to phantom power, you won't be out of luck, since this mic can be battery powered as well. The pickup pattern is a standard cardioid, and it is not switchable. You don't get a pad or bass roll-off with this mic, so make sure that you're set up correctly when using it. The sound on this mic is pretty good, although I do sometimes notice a hyping of the mids at around 1k. You don't usually hear that in condenser mics, but I'm certain it's there. Other than that one spot around the mids, the sound of this mic is very balanced and clear. You may just want to dip an EQ cut in that one spot if it pokes out at you.


I have an NT3, and though I don't often use it due to owning a large number of other small diaphragm mics, this mic definitely has its place in my studio. I really love this mic on hand percussion. For some reason, it really adds something to tambourines, shakers, and other percussion instruments. It seems like a barely have to EQ them to get them to sit right when I use this mic on them. Overall this is a nice small diaphragm condenser, and a fair value. I would recommend it, but no need to go running to the store immediately for this mic.