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AlanForPresident 30/07/2012

Joemeek JM27 : Recensione di AlanForPresident (content in English)

"I sold the JM27 for the JM37"

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The JM27 by Joemeek is a small diaphragm condenser microphone and it has a fixed cardioid pattern. This microphone can be purchased brand new for about 140 US dollars online. The price for this microphone is a steal because it is so cheap. But at the same time, its not a higher end microphone and you will get what you pay for. This is one of the only microphones that I have heard from Joemeek, and at best this is an overall average cheaper microphone. The JM27 does have a smooth response though for such a “low end” microphone.


The JM27 is made out of brass and has a nice heavy feel to it. Its very indestructible and rugged. You will not have to worry about damaging it if you drop it. The Polar pattern is 12dB, 300-3000Hz. Joemeek says that this microphone will sound great with almost any instrument including drums. They advertised that using it as a over head drum microphone will work great, that was a big mistake on my part. I should have known better than to go with a 140 dollar microphone from a company that doesn’t really put out many microphones. This is not a drum microphone and I don’t know why they said it could be used for one. When used with an acoustic instrument the quality is decent at best and not so good for brass instruments. I immediately got rid of this microphone and tried about the JM37 instead of the JM27. The JM27 is a lot cheaper than the JM37 , but the JM37 will give you a better sound, and it has a larger diaphragm. The JM37 cost about 100 dollars more , but its money well spent. If you are looking into getting the JM27 just save up and wait till you can afford the JM37. You will thank me later.