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moosers 28/02/2010

Earthworks SR78 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Earthworks SR78 is a high definition condenser microphone. It will pick up frequencies between 30 Hz and 30 KHz, which goes a lot higher than most condenser microphones out there, which usually go to 20 KHz at the most. The mic has a hyper cardioid polar pick up pattern, so it is suited best for being pointed directly at your source. This really makes the SR78 perfect for getting an up close signal without getting other unwanted room sounds in the mix. The mic is definitely best suited for use in the recording studio, but I can see it being used for live recording as well without a doubt.


Earthworks is really one of the only companies out there today putting out high definition microphones, and while these upper frequencies that the Earthworks SR78 picks up are out of human hearing, these frequencies affect the frequencies that we can hear. The bottom line is that the SR78 has a great sound, regardless of it is a high def mic or not. It is great for recording applications of all types, but is best for recording acoustic instruments in my opinion. I absolutely loved the sound that I got from it when I recorded acoustic guitar with it, as it was the perfect amount of clarity, fullness, and silky smooth high end response. I also tried it out to record some mandolin parts, and found the same type of results. These are the only applications I've had a chance to use the SR78 thus far, but I'm very eager to use a pair of these as drum overheads, as I really think this type of sound would be perfect for this type of recording. While the SR78 isn't the cheapest microphone out there, it definitely isn't the most expensive, and is actually a pretty good deal in my opinion. Most people looking at the Earthworks SR78 will be professionals, but I can see this being used a go to mic for recording acoustic signals in a home studio as well. Highly recommended for professional studio owners and engineers looking for a great small diaphragm condenser.