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moosers 05/08/2010

Earthworks SR69 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Earthworks SR69 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone that I've recently used in the recording studio. The mic has a cardioid polar pick up pattern and is actually supposed to pick up frequencies higher than 20 Hz. The SR69 is also the same exact microphone as the Earthworks SR20, although I'm not sure why there were two different models of the same microphone. I would only recommend using this microphone in the studio rather than for live sound purposes.


While I'm not sure that the Earthworks SR69 is in the 'high definition' category of microphone that Earthworks has to offer, but it's still a great microphone regardless of what it's labeled. I've used the SR69 only for one application thus far, which is for recording the hi hat on a full drum kit. I placed it about two or three inches away from the hat, facing it away from the snare and the rest of the kit as much as possible. The result was a crisp and clear hi hat sound that cut through the mix very well. I've yet to have the chance to use it for any other purpose as I don't own it and used in a studio that I've done some freelance work at rather than the one that I work at consistently. I'm hoping that I'll be back in the room soon as I'd love to try the SR69 on acoustic guitar and other acoustic instruments to get a better feel of what it's range is as a condenser microphone. It's hard for me to say what kind of context I'd recommend having the microphone in, but for the price it's definitely a nice option to have around and is affordable for larger home studio owners and is of a good enough quality to be seen in pro studios. The SR69/SR20 is definitely a microphone you'll want to check out if you're interested in Earthworks mics or small diaphragm mics in general.