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AudioArtist 19/09/2012

Audio-Technica AT835b : Recensione di AudioArtist (content in English)

"Good choice for field recording!"

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The Audio Technica AT 825b is an electret condenser primarily used for audio/visual work and for field recording.


The AT 835b is an excellent choice for A/V applications. It's portability using battery power makes it obviously ideal for such use. What may be surprising is how this "intended" use can be ignored and what you can accomplish when you use this mic in creative ways.
I, of course, have used this mic for "on-site w/camera" recording and I've also used it to capture folley tracks. It has performed well in both instances but I prefer to use it for folley. I've gotten some really outstanding thunderstorm tracks, bird song, and lakeside nightnoise tracks in particular using this mic. I have a much older version which is grey but I'm positive that there is no difference other than the newer models are black. Honestly, I think that that is all that the 'b' in the model number signifies.
Where I have diverged from it's intended purpose is where I've found some really unique results have occured. I've used the AT 835 as a mono distant room mic for drums. In a larger drum room with an uncommonly high ceiling I placed the 835 in the opposing corner from the drum kit aimed down at the kick drum from a point just below the ceiling. Wow! The 835 covered the whole kit with a very good overall balance between shells and cymbals but what blew me away was how huge the kick and toms sounded! I have to say it was probably my favorite drum room ever, it had a stone floor, A-frame ceiling, and rough, un-even log cabin style walls. Once the 835 track was mixed dead center with the close mic'ed tracks the whole room and a beautiful depth stepped forward in the mix.
I expect groans and shaking of heads for this next part. Use it as an overhead! I know that because of it's design it is going to try to focus itself further out than the typical overhead mic. Yet, that's the beauty of it! Using it as a close over really complicates getting your phase relationships nailed down in an acceptable way, but if also combined with another 835 used as a distant room mic, you can get a very open, roomy, washed jazzy sound. You don't need to believe or even agree but you should know that this is an excellent mic to own.
The quality of the sound overall is a little bit pushed in the mid-range but respectably flat-ish everywhere else.