Backstage Music Booze Blues Guitar Slide 2 1/2
Backstage Music Booze Blues Guitar Slide 2 1/2"

Booze Blues Guitar Slide 2 1/2", Slide from Backstage Music.

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moosers 21/03/2011

Backstage Music Booze Blues Guitar Slide 2 1/2" : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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Backstage Music's Booze Blues Guitar Slide of 2 1/2" in size is a rare glass slide made in what I believe is a Mom & Pop music store out of Mississippi. I've never been to the place where these are made and sold, but have used one at a home studio where I often work. You don't have to go to Backstage Music's store in order to get one of these, as you can order them right on their website. Right off the bat I was impressed with the feel of the Booze Blues Guitar Slide. For a while I've been trying to find a slide that I'm totally comfortable with, and this is nearly as close as I've gotten. They come in a few different sizes as well as in a number of different colors, but I've only used this 2 1/2" one. You can also get these slides in custom fashion, so if their stock models aren't what you're looking for, get at them for a custom slide. However, this stock 2 1/2" is probably going to be just fine for most players out there. I really like the way these are shaped and designed as for whatever reason they feel a good amount different to me when compared to your standard Dunlop glass slides. They have a certain glossiness to them that makes playing with them extremely smooth. Playing slide isn't easy, so having a slide that makes it as easy as it's going to be is definitely necessary. I don't yet own one of these slides for myself but I'm about to order one as they aren't too expensive and are definitely worth having around. Whether you play slide all the time or are just looking to get into it, the Backstage Music Booze Blues Guitar Slide 2 1/2" is a great slide to have in your arsenal.