Roland JUNO-Gi
Roland JUNO-Gi

JUNO-Gi, Sintetizzatore digitale from Roland in the Juno series.

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stompboxjon 01/10/2012

Roland JUNO-Gi : Recensione di stompboxjon (content in English)

"Better than other Juno's"

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The Roland Juno Gi is very affordable as well as powerful. I have used the Juno Gi with Reason and with Cubase as well as with Logic from time to time. The Gi has a new 8 track recorder that will allow you to sync it right up with your DAW to do your track outs in a timely and easy fashion. All 61 keys are velocity driven, and there are 79 different effects that can be added right on the board which is not bad for a keyboard that cost under 100 dollars. It excepts all of the standard file formats including MP3, WAV, and AIFF and it has over 120 different presets for arps. The Roland Juno Gi is different than the other Juno line of boards from Roland. It is more up to date and has more sounds of “today’s” music rather than some of the other Juno boards that have some older sounds. The Juno Gi has a very good pitch been lever than gives you a clean pitch bend like most of the Roland boards do. It is easy to maneuver and move around to bend your pitches.


Editing your sounds are not as easy as they are on some other Roland boards but that is primarily because the screen isn’t as user friendly. The Juno Gi is more designed to use the on board knobs and sliders to change your sounds rather than on a screen. The manual that comes with the Juno Gi is kind of confusing and a little bit too long. They could have summed up some of the functions in less words to not make it so lengthy. Setting the Juno Gi up couldn’t be easier though!


Some of the sounds are very realistic and some are not. By far, the sounds on the Gi are better than the other Juno boards to me though, but they all need a little work. Unfortunately some of the sounds and presets from the other Juno’s aren’t including in the Gi which I was not to happy with. Some sounds are included but not my favorite ones which makes me have to keep both boards.


The Roland Juno Gi is very affordable and easy to use, if you are looking into the Roland Juno set of keyboards then you should go with the Gi first. It is far ahead of the other models and has an easier ability to sync with your DAW or software. For the price it is a must have.