Korg M1
Korg M1

M1, Sintetizzatore digitale from Korg in the M1 series.

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yoTrakkz 05/09/2011

Korg M1 : Recensione di yoTrakkz (content in English)


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The Korg M1 is a board that has been used all over the world and still is used today even though it’s the old model of the M versions from Korg. The M1 has great control with the pitch bend and modulations not to mention card slots and expansions. You don’t have expansions too much on other boards such as this one.


Great board, sequencing isn’t anyting spectacular just the basics and you probably wont like it too much like most people. I suggest upgrading to the most recent korg board because it puts this one to shame.


Sounds pretty good, Korg always keeps good solid soundsets when they come out with a board or module. At first glance with this board you will be blown away by some of the synths and piano’s, but keep in mind that these are very old. Then being very old is probably what will blow you away, that the synths sounded this good back in the day. But if you used this board today, im sorry to say your sounds will be out dated. Most all musicians at a higher level have messed with the M1 to some extent and can probably tell you when they hear a sound off the top of their head if its from the m1 or not.


Overall a great board, but its very outdated. Today I wouldn’t pay more than 250 for it used. Mine as well save up the money and just get the Korg M3 because it has better sounds that are up to date and it’s a monster all around from the sounds to the parameters and editing options. Plus the Korg M3 isnt too expensive anyways, but if you have the M1 already keep it, or if some one is offering you a great deal on it I would get it because it’s a classic board.