Hartmann Neuron
Hartmann Neuron

Neuron, Sintetizzatore digitale from Hartmann.

Tank J 24/07/2016

Hartmann Neuron : Recensione di Tank J

"Hartmann Neuron represents the future of sound technology."

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Per tutti
I've owned any analog synth and virtual analog, and when I decided to buy this synth was unsafe, not because of the high price, because this synth is nowhere to be found today, but for the simple fact that everyone I spoke badly. Then when I tested the true potential of this little beast synth, I realized it was a car from the inimitable sound, not easily reproduced on any other synth. Today I am happy to own a piece of history in your hands and that anyone of us can not judge bad before for not having tested.