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FP User 01/11/2008

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A 76-note keyboard with 4 assignable sliders, Very good effects with great routing possibilities. 4 samples per patch. Good lfo's and envelops. Very poor filters with no resonance!! Two expansion slots. 64 notes poly. No arrp or sequencer.

Price paid: £600 New


Very small LCD screen. It takes awhile to learn how to navigate, but fairly easy once mastered.


Excellent sound quality, sounds fit very well into a mix with very little EQ need. Very good patches across the board. Pads are especially good. Not many good lead sounds though.


Fairly poor keyboard, it feels very "plastic". Very sturdy build quality, I have had mine for years with no problems. No idea what the customer support is like.

I really love the sounds of this Rompler synth. It's factory patches are very good. A great workhorse synth.

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