Moog Music Minimoog Voyager
Moog Music Minimoog Voyager

Minimoog Voyager, Sintetizzatore Analogico from Moog Music.

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moosers 12/02/2009

Moog Music Minimoog Voyager : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Minimoog Voyager is an analog synthesizer with three octaves and a whole lot of knobs. It also has a pitch and modulation wheel and pretty standard inputs and outputs. The Voyager has all types of synth sounds from your traditional Moog lead synth and bass. These are just the beginning sounds as the tones that can be produced with this are far and wide. It is a monophonic and polyphonic synth.


The configuration of this synth can be somewhat confusing at first because there are a ton of knobs that do a lot of different things. The capabilities of this synth are varied and since it is such a versatile machine, learning all of the things it can do take a little while. The manual is good and is definitley helpful when learning this. Once you get the hang of what everything does it is easy to manipulate and get a sound you are looking for.


You can get all types of sounds on this - ranging from the traditional sounds you think of when you think of the Moog synth signature sounds, and also all types of pads and sounds effects. If you can think about the snyth sound you want, this can probably get it for you. I have it used it mostly for pop and rock songs but will of course work with dance and any type of electronic or electronic influenced music. It has a signature sound that really can't be identically reproduced without a real Moog like this one.


I've been using a MiniMoog Voyager for about three or four years. I'm a sucker for Moog and the sounds these make, and the Voyager is the original holy grail of Moog synthesizers. It is widely diverse and capable of a lot of different sounds and textures. While this definitley will cost you a pretty penny, if you are serious about the synthesizer, this is one of the best out there.