Oberheim Matrix-1000
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FP User 01/11/2008

Oberheim Matrix-1000 : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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You could say there is a lot missing in the matrix 1000. After all, it´s only a 1unit rack module. But then again, you only pay 250$ for a used one. So I don´t think that gives me much right to complain. But if I must, some onboard fx would´ve been great. You feel quite often the urge to tweak the sounds just a bit... And it should´ve been stereo, not mono. But you can buy a 2nd unit and hook ´em up in stereo.



Since it´s a 1 unit rack, it´s very easy to use. It´s a preset-box. You simply have to connect your keyboard and start playing the great sounds. I´ve never even opened my manual uptill now. You can edit the patches with a pc editor. Or buy the Access matrix programmer (which strangly enough gives you hands-on access to every parameter except the matrix itself) for instant tweak-pleasure. I have no experience with the pc-editor, but the access controller is just great. It even has wooden side panels and the same looks as the matrix 6, 12 and expander.

It´s said to be built like a tank, and I completely agree with that. Mine is one of the older black units, and I´ve never had any problems with it. I wouldn´t hesitate a split second to take this thing out on the road. It´s pretty heavy, but it´s very robust.


You got 1000 matrix 6 patches. It´s got excellent pads, textures and ambient sounds. It has 195 "keyboard" sounds, 118 "strings", 130 "woodwinds & perc", 239 "synthesizer", 119 "bass", 74 "lead" and 125 "effects". 200 are user patches, 800 are preset patches. But that´s the technical specs. I think this synth has some beautiful, breath-taking patches. Some of the best pads I´ve heard, and although some of its fx might sound outdated, they have such warmth in them that you can still fall in love with them instantly. Even if you´ll only use 10 out 100 patches, those 10 you picked will most certainly be some of the best analog sounds you´ve ever heard.


I love it. 1000 analogue sounds for about 250$. That´s a quarter for each patch. Hard to beat, no ? If you´re looking for an analog synth but don´t want the typical trouble you can have with most analogs (no midi, unstable tuning, overheating,...), get this unit. You won´t regret it (and if you do, contact me, ;) )

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Posted by: Unknown (January 1-, 2003)