Roland GAIA SH-01
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AlanForPresident 29/06/2012

Roland GAIA SH-01 : Recensione di AlanForPresident (content in English)

"easy to use and cheap"

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After using the GAIA SH 01 I was really shocked on the sounds that it has and the ability to change those sounds and make them your own. I really felt like I had full and total control over what came out of the GAIA SH 01. The best thing about the GAIA SH 01 is the ability to change the sounds and you don’t need any software or any manuals to do so. You can just start messing with knobs. I havent really had too many keyboards that are like this one, it has a vintage style and appearance to it but the sounds are just amazing. Very clear.


Easy to use, because everything is right in front of you with no on board screen so there are no menus to go through or anything difficult at all. You want to add reverb? Its right there in front of you so add some reverb. It really cant get much easier than Roland has made it on this 37 key analog synth . It has built in arpeggiator, and a lot of on board effects so you wont have to get your effects from elsewhere and the effects are right in front of you too so no looking for them. This is actually one of the easiest boards that I have used.


Sounds are great, you can use the same sound a bunch of different times and make it sound so different each time and best of all its very easy to do it. It takes no effort at all. I havent found many synths for this price range that can give you what the GAIA SH 01 can.


Amazing keyboard and I cant believe that it only cost around 700 dollars. It passes many other keyboards in my oppinion just because of the ease of use and the price.