Novation K-Station
Novation K-Station
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FP User 01/11/2008

Novation K-Station : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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All the features are great. This synth has superb capabilities of changing all dynamics of sound. The volume,pitch,and Tone are what make up sound and this K-Station is jam packed with tweeking options. Only one feature that I really wish it had was the ability to act as a midi-controller to control VST's K-Station has: 1 1/4" output 1 1/4" Input Midi- In , out , Thru power supply It's own headphone jack

Price paid



Very easy to use, I like that it has nice full keys. The manual is decent. I wish that the top row of knobs were spaced a little farther apart for us guys with big fingers

This is a very well built machine for under a grand!


The sound quality is exactly what attracted me to this tool. It has rediculously thick & Fat sounds and textures. This synth I feel was developed to produce driving leads and Bass,although it has beautiful melodies. Effects: Delay Reverb Chorus Distortion EQ Panning & Vocoder As far as Sound quality goes I feel for the money it compares to the Nord's


I am totally in love with this synth the day I found it I played with it for 6 1/2 hours at the shop! I left G.C. starving I had been there all day. That's when you know you found something special and amazing. I truly beleive that the thick ambient textures that my future compositions will transpose will be a direct result from this Synthesizer.

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