Waldorf Blofeld

Waldorf Blofeld

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Blofeld, Sintetizzatore a modellizzazione analogica Rack/Modulo Sonoro from Waldorf in the Blofeld series.

3 user reviews

Waldorf Blofeld tech. sheet

  • Fabricant : Waldorf
  • Modèle : Blofeld
  • Série : Blofeld
  • Catégorie : Sintetizzatori a Modellizzazione Analogica Rack/Moduli Sonori
  • Fiche créée le : 14/01/2007

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Recensioni utenti Waldorf Blofeld

Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
 1 user review33 %
 2 reviews67 %
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Recensione di sw80 (content in English)"Needs more knobs"

Waldorf Blofeld
The Waldorf Blofeld is a digital synth that comes with over 1,000 sounds and presets. You can use up to 25 voices on the Waldorf Blofeld and it only cost 700 dollars. The interface on the Waldorf Blofeld is very easy to use and understand. It is very self explanatory, you will not need a manual to understand this synth. It can hook up to your computer through USB and you can use your MIDI connections to control the sounds from your MIDI keyboard. The arpeggiator on the Waldorf Blofeld is so good, it makes standard keyboard arpeggiators look like a kids toy.


You can get some really good sounds with the Waldorf Blofeld. You can start building your sounds from the presets that it provides or you can pretty much build a sound yourself from scratch. The only downfall of the Waldorf Blofeld is that the interface does not have all of the knobs for the parameters on it. It would be nice if all of the knobs were right on the face of the unit and then you could tweak everything in real time until you had a sound that you were happy with.


Setting up the Waldorf Blofeld is simple, you will just need to make sure that all of your connections are set up right. The Waldorf Blofeld does have some effects on it like flanger, phaser, delay, reverb, overdrive and chorus. Since I have been using the Waldorf Blofeld I have been able to get way better sounds than any VST that I have used.


The Waldorf Blofeld cannot be racked, it will need to be placed on a desktop surface but that is ok because it is not that big. It is less than a foot wide which makes it the perfect desktop size. If you don’t want just the module you can purchase the full keyboard version.
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Audiofanzine FR07/11/2008

Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)

Waldorf Blofeld
(Originally written by nth206/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Some important details:
- 1 Midi In port, Midi Out managed via USB port - Audio output on TRS jack
- 16 multi-timbral parts but no Midi Off selection (see below for part muting)
- About 1000 sounds of all sorts organized in 8 banks (if I recall correctly)
- 2 menu knobs and 4 controls


Very easy to use for those who already know Waldorf synths like MicroQ, etc. On the contrary, newbies will need some time to get use to it.

Lots of editing possibilities, it's a Waldorf!!! Even if the menus and sub-menus seem tedious, it's not really a problem, except for live applications. Since all parameters are editable via Midi, you'll quickly get used to automating everything to get the best out of the unit.

The user's manual is clear, period.


No surprise for those who already know Waldorf.

For everybody else, it's a digital synth with a particular sound character. This synth sounds rather loud compared to other digital instruments I already tested (even the famous E-mu range). The factory presets are good. We're talking about real synthetic sounds (forget the trumpets!!). I believe the unit is conceived for hard house, hard trance, progressive or even ambient music producers. The presets are so many that you can get the impression that they are endless...

Delay and reverb effects are average but the distortion is excellent (big German sound!!)


In spite of all these qualities, it is still possible to criticize the Blofeld. (see the high amount of posts on the forum)

First of all, the unit keeps on having lots of bugs even after the 4th upgrade. (which, by the way, can take a long time to solve and become a real headache before installation)
The theory according to which "distorted and crackling sounds are normal" may have to be reviewed because presets do sound much better after updating the unit. Some presets are designed to sound distorted or with crackles but you'll notice immediately the difference between them and a preset that's being distorted because the unit is not working properly.
The synth sometimes freezes during playback and all your editing gets lost!
(it is really bothersome to have to always look for updates in order to get the unit to work properly)

Concerning the use of the unit, I was really surprised to learn that it's not possible to use only 3 or 4 parts in multimode, it's either 16 or one. As a result, if you have a system with several instruments (as in my case), you'll have to use the synth's USB MIDI interface to increase the Midi Outs and use all your gear. But if you want to play live without a PC (like me), it will be exasperating because you'll need 2 Midi Outs on your sequencer. I actually wrote to Waldorf about this and their answer was that the unit was not conceived for such applications! Great!

To wrap it up, I'll say the unit is good for studio use or as a complement in live situations if you already have a sequencer. Its performance problems don't really undermine its enormous potential, they only are irritating.

I'm really happy with this synth, I really like its warm and powerful sound. This unit fits perfectly in any synth rig thanks to its plentiful presets and its compact size... and it looks really nice!!!
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Recensione di ericthegreat (content in English)"waldarf is epic"

Waldorf Blofeld

I own a number of synths including a Roland JP-8080 and Virus Snow, but this is my favorite along with the DSI Tetra. I have had it for about eight months and use it constantly. The unit is compact but solid as a rock. It is also the best looking desktop synth on the market. It sounds beautiful, and its patches range from harsh basses to shimmering pads. While it is digital, it can be warm, too.


Most parameters are easy to access, and it is especially fun to mess with the wave forms to create moving effects. Even so, my biggest complaint is that it lacks a VST interface like the Virus Snow. Also, the operating system tends to be buggy, although the latest software revision has fixed a number of minor problems.


If you want something that can mimic natural instruments like a guitar or a flute then forget it. This little beast is meant to sound synthetic and is great for emulating later day Kraftwerk-style songs (think Tour de France). Despite the limited number of knobs, programming is easier than I first expected. The display is big and the programming matrix benefits from a logical layout. Blofeld has a unique sound of itself. At the same time, it gathers different synthesis approach in one box which is good. The best part of the synth must be the Wavetable and the filter (the comb filter). Built like a brick! Quality Product and Good Sounding. Best Synth i have used


Overall, I would recommend the Blofeld to anyone interested in making music that ranges from minimal tech or dance anything to industrial to ambient to eighties revival. I highly recommend this desktop synth for everyone who can afford it, it does cost a lot though. But its worth every cent with out a doubt.

News Waldorf Blofeld

Waldorf presenta il nuovo Black Blofeld

Waldorf presenta il nuovo Black Blofeld

Published on 16/03/11
Waldorf rende disponibile l'edizione 'All Black' dei suoi sintetizzatori Blofeld e Blofeld Keyboard con tecnologia Virtual Analog.

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