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FP User 01/11/2008

Roland JP-8080 : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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The features are based around old analogue,but,there is a certain kind of eccentric fun about the fact that access virus and novation have more but,not nearly as closly honed to production and simplicity as the 8080. the midi is much of a let down on a system made by the guys who realy invented poly midi ,as the d-10 was for the synth generation of the 80's, it wasnt anywhere near the best at anything but just like the 8080 its the fun and sounds that kept its place in history

Price paid



Incredible easy sythns are about mistakes and happy accidents when building patches,dont get me wrong this has great building presets,but who uses just presets?we all like to tweak to make the sound ares and,this is where the 8080 kiks ass u tweak then tweakthen set the motion control off and BAM tyhe sound is exactly like u hear in ur head!! Try doing a sound when ur drunk then listen to it when ur strait and u will get what im saying!!.the manuel is from roland(japanease into english direct tranlation)which means its useless unless u wanna know how to turn the unit on or off(otherwise get a good japanease language teacher!!)

this thing is made from solid steel ,the buttons might have well been made from heat ablative tiling the space shuttle uses ....U CANT BRAKE IT... but seriosly the build quality is fantastic!! c/s n/a


The sound quality from the outs is(with balanced wires)eccelent ,i own a supernova2 and a trinity,and it beats them! noiseless with a crocuss of sound in synths pads thats genarally not there in other units plus i got a staight 80 hrz sine that nearly lost me my bowels ,clean and crisp highs aswell(ps its best 4 ambeint and dance)The effects are crap.sorry but they are when u compare them with nearly any other synths that are on the market but the distortion ripps like a bullet throu noisy mixes with a surprising quality!(roland usually do crap dist)


I own a supanovaII a trinity a mc-303 a d-10 a dx-7 a tb-303 tr909 but for some reason whatever my mood i can still spend 4/6 hours tweaking with the roloand jp8080 and NEVER GET BORED it is and always will be my friend and allie,it does exactly what it says it does and does it to perfection nearly everytime.think of it this way u could have a F-1 ferrari and love it for 1 hour...or get a mini cooper,its never gonna be as good as the f-1 but it wont brake down u cant snap it around audio bends and then crash it ....but its still there doing what it does and for no apparent reason u just love it it allways comes through... for me its the greatest runt of all time i LOVE it ,,....(mostly :-)

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